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Other Lives Sacred Places

Other Lives, Sacred Places is a fulsome expression of wildlife photographer Judith Hain’s respect for and love of the wild lives of Africa’s savannah elephants and their companions in that landscape.   Judith offers her photographs and her story to communicate her deeply held belief that these beautiful beings have rich family lives, exhibit a wide range of emotions and intelligence, and fully deserve to be granted room to roam and safety on this earth.

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Greg W.

Other Lives Sacred Places is an exquisitely beautiful book of wildlife photos from Africa and a deeply personal account of the author's efforts to preserve a world that is rapidly passing.


I was so impressed with this book. I love the photo selected for the cover - its mystery and beauty. Also, the cover is well designed: a square format, natural linen, asymmetrical, simple and natural.

Carolyn R.

The photographs are beautiful, interesting, evocative, and richly emotional. So unlike other books of safari photography!


A headshot of Judith Hain

Judith's Story

I have always loved elephants, ever since I was a small child.  It was intuitive because I really didn’t know much of anything about them except that I was singularly drawn to them.  As an adult, I learned of an opportunity to travel to Africa to work with an elephant researcher and I responded with an emphatic “YES”.  That experience changed my life.  While there, I became friends with one of the other volunteers and discovered she loved elephants as much as I did.  She was also an adventurous world traveler.  For the next 20 years, we planned our own trips to Africa, connecting with the world’s foremost elephant researchers and reveling in the company of wild elephant populations.

It was during those years that I developed a deeper learning of elephant life which enriched my love of them from a much more informed perspective.  I engaged with them through the lens of my camera and began working to capture the robust emotional life I was witnessing.  I have shared those photographs in a variety of venues to become an advocate for the elephants, presenting to young children in school and participating in shows of my work in the hope of inspiring  interest in protecting and preserving these amazing animals.

It is now my deepest honor to share my new book “Other Lives, Sacred Places” which tells my story in words and images.

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